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During these courses, experts in the cardiovascular field bring established knowledge and the latest theories and hypotheses in cardiovascular research. As a participant you broaden your knowledge and become fully informed of the latest developments in the cardiovascular field. You also have the opportunity to present your own project and it is the ideal opportunity to network with colleagues, top scientists and the Dutch Heart Foundation.

For whom?

The courses are intended for PhD students and junior postdocs.


Monday 14 to Friday 18 October 2024.


In the Olympic Training Centre Papendal (near Arnhem).

Course offering

Below you find information of the three courses we organize, find out which are interesting for you! The programmes are subject to minor changes.

  • Cardiac Function & Adaptation

    For PhD students in the first and second year of their PhD trajectory

    You will receive lectures from experts in the field, collaborate on assignments and present your own work during a poster session.


    • Understanding how the heart works and adapts under normal physiological conditions.
    • Detailed insight into the pathologic situations where cardiac dysfunction and maladaptation occur.
    • Discussion of novel therapeutic strategies to improve cardiac function.
    • The perspective and role of the patient in cardiovascular research.
  • Vascular Biology & Pathology

    For PhD students in the first and second year of their PhD trajectory

    You will receive lectures from experts in the field. In addition there is a workshop on science communication and you present your own research during a poster session.


    • Introduction into the structure and the function of the vascular system.
    • Emphasis on vascular development, vasoregulation, vascular function and activation in health and disease.
    • Discussion on remodelling of the vascular wall and vascular tree in relation to vascular diseases.
  • Career Development Course (renewed)

    For PhD students in the final year of their PhD trajectory and for junior postdocs

    In addition to theoretical depth on various important cardiovascular topics, this course focuses on your development as an independent researcher. The small group settings ensure personalized attention and support.


    • Crafting and conveying personal authenticity.
    • Interactive discussions with experts in and outside academia.
    • How to create impact in healthcare.
    • Workshops on research dissemination, implementation, and communication.
    • Comprehensive guidance on writing successful grant proposals.

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Do you have questions about the courses or registration? Then email Els van Dort via [email protected].